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How do I publish a boat?

Click on publish and follow the steps. We promise it is going to be easy.

Can you recommend an asking price before publishing?

Yes, we have appraisal allies. We can put you in contact with them and you will have all the necessary information to publish your boat at the right price.

How do I pay?

We offer different payment methods. We accept debit and credit, zelle or wire transfer.

Which is the right plan for me?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you want to test the market, choose our basic plan. If you are considering selling, we recommend the Sailor Plan. If you need to quickly position your boat the Almirant plan is the best for you

How do I find a boat to buy?

How do I find a boat to buy?

If I buy a boat, will you charge me any fees?

Absolutely not, you must contact the owner of the publication and negotiate with him/her.

How do I comply with the law while navigating?

Don’t worry, once you buy a boat, our allies will guide your legal compliance.

How do I transport my vessel to my preferred location?

Once you acquire a boat, and you wish to transport it to another location, we will provide you with the necessary assistance to transport your boat securely and efficiently.

Nautica Sales publishes and advertises with user's consent, information, photos, and videos of used and brand new yachts and boats on our website. The shown descriptions are duly authorized and come from yachts and boats owners or brokers. If you have found a yacht or boat and it needs to be transported to a preferred location, Nautica Express, a partner company with more than 20 years of experience could help you with the required service

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